How Do You Search for Houses With My Perfect Home?

The My Perfect Home home page has a search form users can fill in to find houses in their desired location and select additional options, such as number of bathrooms and bedrooms. It also offers side-by-side comparisons of homes from the results to help narrow down the top choices, notes My Perfect Home.

To search for houses on My Perfect Home, use the following steps.

  1. Set the location
  2. Visit the My Perfect Home website and enter a location. The site allows users to be as specific as an address or Multiple Listing Service number or as broad as a city or ZIP code, states My Perfect Home.

  3. Set a price range
  4. Use the drop-down menus to set a minimum and maximum price, if desired. Otherwise, leave the options as-is.

  5. Select home options
  6. Set the number of bedrooms and bathrooms if desired. Choose a property type, such as a townhouse, single family home or multifamily home.

  7. Access the results
  8. Click Find Your Home to see the results and view more details for listings that look interesting.