How Do You Search for a Corporation in Texas?

The Texas Secretary of State has an online portal that individuals can use to search for Texas corporations for $1 per search. Corporations, limited partnerships, limited liability companies, assumed names and trademarks are a few of the search types that users have access to.

The office of the Texas Secretary of State's online portal is SOS Direct. This portal allows individuals to file their own corporate information as well as search for other corporations. Individuals can file UCC documents electronically through this portal in addition to certificates of formation, applications for registrations, name reservations, changes to registered agents/offices and assumed name certificates. The SOS Direct Portal also allows users to file dissolutions, terminations and withdrawals for corporations and limited liability companies, cancel certificates or registrations of limited partnerships, register Texas LLPs and withdraw foreign LLPs.

SOS Direct allows searches of other types of entities and businesses, such as limited liability partnerships, foreign and state financial institutions, uniform unincorporated non-profit organizations, probate code filings, federal liens and UCC finance statements. This portal allows individuals to order copies of business filings and UCC records as well as to view copies when the images are available. Users also have the ability to print copies of these images.