What Are Scrap Yards Used For?


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Scrap yards are businesses that buy and sell scrap metal and other waste material. Scrap and waste material can be bought by the pound or ton, and the type of material being sold determines how much the seller can receive for it. Scrap yards are also called junkyards.

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What Are Scrap Yards Used For?
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Types of material commonly found at scrap yards include stainless steel, iron, aluminum, nickel and zinc. A scrap yard might also buy appliances, electronics and metal vehicles. Scrap metals and waste materials can also be recycled for a profit.

Another purpose of scrap yards is to supply refiners with various types of materials. Various scrap metals are bought in small quantities before they're collected in a large heap and sold to a refinery. Refineries often only buy scrap metal in large amounts from reputable scrap yard owners.

Before going to a scrap yard, all metals should be properly sorted according to type. Scrap yard employees often don't bother sorting metals and materials and may offer a lower price for any materials not sorted. Proper identification is often required to ensure the seller isn't listed as a metal thief. Large pieces of scrap metal should be properly secured to avoid receiving a ticket. A scrap yard should also be researched to ensure it's reputable and buys materials at a fair price.

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