How Do You Find Scrap Metal Buyers in New York?


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Find scrap metal buyers in New York state on YellowPages.com or Yelp.com. Scrap prices specific to the state often appear on individual buyer websites, as in the case of RockawayRecycling.com. Scrap metal buyers look for a range of material, including copper scrap, aluminum scrap, brass scrap, stainless steel scrap and electronic scrap. Additionally, scrap buyers often work with junkyards and may offer to haul away scrap material as a free service.

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Scrap metal recycling is one of the largest forms of recycling in the United States, valued at $90 billion in 2012. The significant industrial presence in New York state, in addition to the nearby coastline and shipping ports, has encouraged the growth of scrap metal buyers. As of 2013, the price of copper is $2.85 per pound, the price of aluminium is 50 cents per pound, and the price of iron-containing (ferrous) materials is 10 cents per pound.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, using scrap metals in place of mined iron ore can save 75 percent of energy use, 90 percent of raw material use, 86 percent reduction of air pollution, and 76 percent reduction in water pollution. Energy savings are similar for other metals; aluminum scrap saves 95 percent of energy use, copper scrap saves 85 percent of energy use, lead scrap saves 65 percent of energy use, and zinc saves 60 percent of energy use.

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