Where Do You Get a ScoreCard Rewards Catalog?

scorecard-rewards-catalog Credit: Westend61/Getty Images

The ScoreCards rewards catalog is available online at ScoreCardsRewards.com. User login is required to access the website. The merchandise rewards catalog is available online on the Community Focus Federal Credit Union website, and the travel rewards catalog is listed at the Financial Assurance Federal Credit Union site.

ScoreCards is a credit card rewards program through credit unions. Customers earn points for using their credit card to make qualifying purchases. They can use those points to redeem rewards such as merchandise, airfare, hotels and travel packages. Any purchase qualifies as long as the item is not returned and the account is in good standing. Card holders can order reward merchandise at any time as long as they have sufficient points. Additional points may not be purchased. Users accumulate a point for every dollar spent.

As of 2015, the merchandise catalog includes 13 levels of rewards. The "Thank You" level includes items such as cutlery and travel speakers. The top level includes items such as a lawn tractor and a desktop PC.

Users can also use ScoreCard points for car rentals, hotel stays, dining in hotels and airline ticket upgrades. For example, a beginning level amount of points earns cardholders a weekend rental of a mid-size car. Mid-level points earn one night's stay at a luxury hotel of a week's rental of a luxury car. Card holders can use top level points to fly internationally.