How Do You Score High on the Caliper Profiling Test?

The website of the Caliper talent management company makes clear the Caliper profiling test is an assessment of a person’s personality and how individual traits relate to job performance, so it is impossible to score high or low on a Caliper profiling test. Once the test is completed, thorough scoring and consultation of a person’s natural strengths and potential are evaluated with respect to particular job roles.

A PDF document on the Caliper website entitled “Using the Caliper Profile for Selection and Development” explains the Caliper profiling test is scored identically regardless of gender, race, age, educational background or other personal characteristics. This allows the Caliper profiling test to meet the legal requirements of the U.S. Equal Opportunity Employment Commission. According to another document titled “The Caliper Profile User’s Guide,” the test assesses abstract reasoning, aggressiveness, assertiveness, ego-strength, empathy, flexibility, gregariousness, risk-taking, sociability, thoroughness and other personality traits inherent in individuals.

The user’s guide makes it clear Caliper profiling tests are useful not only in the hiring process, to assess whether applicants are good fits for jobs, but also in developing the potential of current employees. The Caliper profiling test helps evaluate whether a person could benefit from more training or is ready for promotion. When teams are needed for certain jobs, Caliper profiling helps in the comparison of profiles of individual members, so the overall team has the balance of skills necessary to work well together and succeed at the given task.