What Is the Scope of Practice for a Certified Nursing Assistant in Minnesota?


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A certified nursing assistant in Minnesota is expected to help patients with their day-to-day living needs and personal hygiene, according to Monster.com. The nursing assistant provides comfort and mobility and monitors a patient’s vitals. All certified nursing assistants wishing to practice in Minnesota must register with the Minnesota Department of Health, as MDH states.

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According to All Allied Health Schools, a certified nursing assistant is required to be on call to respond to help when sought. The CNA works closely with patients every day, taking note of any observable changes in physical conditions. The specialist is keen to observe patients' mental states and employs intuition to help patients through treatment and recovery.

It is also the duty of CNAs to document actions by filling out forms, medical reports, logs and databases, as Monster.com outlines. The assistants are duty-bound to keep operations flowing by adhering to an institution’s policies and procedures. A CNA maintains the privacy and confidentiality of her patient’s information, in essence maintaining an organization’s reputation and value.

All Allied Health Schools explains that CNAs are also expected to help set up medical equipment, which might encompass readying tools for a patient’s examination. The CNA may also be called upon to move heavy medical equipment to a room in which it is needed.

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