What Are Some Schools for Small Engine Repair?


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Small engine repair is taught in schools such as Penn Foster Career School and Ontario College of Trades. The schools offer this course for a period of four months, after which the learners can begin their careers as small engine mechanics.

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Small engine repair is the maintenance of motorized equipment, such as lawnmowers, leaf blowers, chain saws, rotary tillers, motorcycles and outboard motors. Training in small engine repair calls for a great deal of hands-on work. Small engine repair schools usually give discounts to their students on supplies via the Snap-On Student Excellence Program. This way, the students have access to all the learning materials they need.

During the course, students get to learn how to troubleshoot, disassemble, rebuild and repair small gasoline engines of all types, such as two stroke, four stroke, outboard and riding mower engines. Students are provided with diagrams and text to help troubleshoot various engine problems. They also learn what to do when the engine doesn't start, runs poorly, leaks, backfires or burns oil. Topical classes that cover battery charging and electric starter issues are also offered. The schools provide a series of videos to help the students know how to disassemble different small engines.

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