What Schools Offer a Train-the-Trainer Certification?

Langevin Learning Services, TrainSmart, Inc. and the Association for Talent Development offer Train-the-Trainer certification courses. Each course covers core topics and training techniques to accommodate various learning styles.

Langevin Learning Services offers three levels of Train-the-Trainer programs. New trainers take the Specialty Certification program at the beginning of their training careers. This eight-day program focuses on various areas of expertise within the training industry. The Master Trainer program allows trainers to expand their professional development with another eight-day course. Trainers can take additional courses in their areas of expertise or explore other topics. The Training and Development Diploma is the highest trainer certification that Langevin Learning Services offers, and trainers take another eight-day workshop to earn this diploma.

TrainSmart, Inc.'s Train-the-Trainer program teaches trainers how to teach adult students. This program includes an interactive three-day workshop that covers core subjects and specialized topics tailored to each group of students. TrainSmart, Inc.'s goal is to have its students perform well on the job.

The Association for Talent Development's Train-the-Trainer program teaches the four P's of training: purpose and assessment, planning and preparation, presentation and facilitation, and performance and evaluation. The company designed the program for new and experienced trainers. Covered topics include adult learning theory, conducting needs assessments and creating positive learning environments.