What Are School Superintendent Interview Questions?

Interview questions for prospective school superintendents tend to focus on their experience, why they left their previous position and their knowledge of the school district. In addition, candidates for a school position are often asked to explain their understanding of the role of the school superintendent in relation to the school board.

School superintendent candidates should be prepared to discuss how their previous work experience aligns with the requirements of the position and the values of the school district. They should be able to cite specific achievements in previous positions that indicate their readiness for the new position. In addition, they should be ready to answer all questions regarding their educational background.

Questions involving a candidate's previous position may focus on why the person left his previous job. If he has not yet left the current job, he may need to explain how he can get out of his current contract. Questions regarding a previous or current position should be answered carefully, avoiding revealing negative information.

Prospective school superintendents may have to discuss their knowledge of students in a given age range as well as of curriculum choices, student assessment parameters and teacher hiring practices. Finally, candidates for a school superintendent position should be able to articulate clearly the relationship between the superintendent and the school board, including the superintendent's role with regards to board actions and in dealing with parents concerned about problems at schools in the district.