How Does School District Pay Vary?


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The pay rate for school district employees varies based on position held, years of experience, level of education, area of specialty, and the geographical region in which the district is located. While districts adhere to a strict salary schedule when determining compensation rates for staff members, the salary schedule itself is determined on a per district basis.

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All school district employees are designated as either certified staff members or classified staff members. Certified staff members include regular classroom teachers, special education teachers, school counselors, administrators and any other position requiring a state certification. Classified staff members include custodians, food service workers, aids and general support staff.

Pay rates for certified staff members are determined via a district salary schedule. Salary schedules are set by the district on a yearly basis. A salary schedule lists base pay rates calculated by cross-referencing an individual staff member's current level of education with their years of educational work experience.

Salary schedules vary greatly on a district-by-district basis. Geographic and regional economic factors influence district salary schedules. Salary schedules can also include bonuses in addition to base pay rates. Bonuses are generally offered by districts struggling to fill high-demand educational positions, such as in the fields of math and science.

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