How Does Scholastic's Reading Counts Program Work?

scholastic-s-reading-counts-program-work Credit: Kolett/Moment/Getty Images

Scholastic's Reading Counts program works by providing students with reading practice and testing them on the content they read. Students are matched with books based on the Lexile Framework for Reading, and quizzes are automatically generated based on the book and the student's needs.

The program matches students with books by comparing their Lexile reading scores to a book's Lexile text score. The student's score is based on a reading test, while the book's score is calculated by a computer analysis. A high student score indicates better reading ability, while a higher book score indicates a more difficult book.

The program is personalized; students have the option to choose from books that match their reading abilities rather than being assigned a specific text. Students read at their own pace, and they can retake quizzes on the same book if necessary.

Reading Counts is available for students between kindergarten and grade 12. It offers quizzes in both English and Spanish, as well as quizzes and assessments geared at helping English language learners transition to reading in English. Teachers can write their own quizzes in addition to using the included materials.

Reading Counts provides an assessment along with the student's quiz score. This allows teachers to monitor progress and identify potential problem areas.