How Do Schnucks Employees Comply With RedPrairie's Workforce Management Systems?


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Employees of Schnucks comply with RedPrairie's Workforce management Systems by inputting their start and end times on the job, tracking their vacation and other paid time off, and fulfilling any training components required for their position by using the online tool. The system tracks benefit accruals and hour and leave regulations, and FLSA and union rules ensure regulatory compliance.

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Schnucks employees receive complete information on the RedPrairie system when they are hired at the company. They can access the secure system using a unique user name and password. Once logged in, employees have the option to check their hours, submit time cards, request time off, view and edit benefits, where applicable, and complete any required training requested by their supervisor.

Supervisors at Schnucks, in turn, can approve time sheets and requests for time off, and check compliance with federal and union rules in terms of hours worked and scheduling. Supervisors utilize the Execution Management tool, the management-level dashboard. This platform allows three-channel feedback management, ensuring employee input into productivity improvements, and workload planning (employing what-if scenario analysis on project content, priority, timing and phasing).

RedPrairie Managment Solutions is installed on over 60,000 sites across more than 50 countries. The platform exists in 20 languages and is available in multiple delivery options with 24/7 customer support. RedPrairie Management has its headquarters in Georgia, in addition to over 1,600 employees in 25 offices globally.

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