Why Is Scheduling Resources an Important Task?

Scheduling resources is an important task because it gives project teams the ability to access critical resources at the right time. Project managers also need to schedule resources carefully to ensure that the same resources are not allocated to two different projects operating on the same schedule.

A resource schedule serves as the foundation for several important project plans. For example, a project manager cannot develop a project schedule without having a resource schedule detailing the resources needed for each phase of the project. A resource schedule helps project managers compare the amount of time estimated for a project with the amount of time it actually took to complete the project. This information is helpful in planning future projects. If it took two weeks longer to complete a project than estimated, the manager should review the original resource schedule and determine why the team did not meet the deadline.

Creating a resource schedule also helps project managers control costs. If a manager has a limited budget for each phase of a project, a completed resource schedule makes it easier to see if there are any opportunities to cut costs. If cost-cutting is not an option, the project manager might have to move some activities from one phase of the project to the next to keep expenses in check.