How Do You Schedule a HUD Field Services Inspection?


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To schedule a Housing and Urban Development field services inspection, contact the HUD Homeownership Center that serves the area in which the property is located. This office is in charge of managing the workflow of the field service managers who complete the inspections. Contact information for individual Homeownership Centers is available on the HUD website. It can also be retrieved by contacting local HUD offices.

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Field service managers charged with completing HUD Field Services inspections must follow a checklist in order to standardize the inspection process. It begins by confirming the inspection date and time with the property owner and, if applicable, reminding them to notify their tenants. Field services managers must verify how many bedrooms are in the house and, if it is an apartment building, the number of vacant rooms. They must also assure that the property has lead-based paint certification and collect the building's demographics, including address, type of residence, number of floors, the year it was built and how many units are present.

A visual inspection of the property must be confirmed in order to verify the demographics. Measurements of the property may be estimated, but are included in the field service manager's final report. If any repairs need to be made, the property owner is verbally notified during the inspection and given a form stating all of the information at the end of the inspection. The completed inspection is then turned into HUD within 24 hours.

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