How Do You Schedule a Delivery From UPS?

How Do You Schedule a Delivery From UPS?

The United Parcel Service offers a service called UPS My Choice which allows registered users to set preferences for deliveries and pickups, meaning they can tailor those events to their needs. While this service still guarantees only a range of time rather than a specific appointment, it does allow for significant customization.

UPS My Choice lets customers set their own timetables for deliveries. It cuts down greatly on missed deliveries because of customer absences.

  1. Sign up for the service
  2. Register for the UPS My Choice service by giving UPS contact information, including a phone number, an address or addresses and other basic information on the UPS website.

  3. Set preferences
  4. Once users are registered and signed in, they can customize their preferences both in general and for individual orders. This means they can change those preferences between orders to ensure an optimal delivery experience for both customers and drivers.

  5. Track information
  6. Customers can schedule individual pickups and deliveries and check those schedules via an online profile. They can also receive alerts on shipping progress, meaning customers can keep an eye on the entire process without having to constantly call in and check to see if everything is alright.