How to You Schedule an Appointment for an Employer-Required Fingerprint Card?


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Schedule a fingerprint card appointment through your employer's selected company specializing in fingerprint services. Visit the designated fingerprint company website, and provide your name and Originating Agency Identifier information to set the appointment. Identogo and NMLS Fieldprint are fingerprinting services that require online registration for fingerprint card appointments.

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A fingerprint card is required as part of a background check for some types of employment, and the employer should provide its authorization details to prospects. Government agencies typically use assigned authorization codes for employee fingerprint cards. Applicants must go to a designated fingerprint service center on the day of the appointment and submit to being fingerprinted. The fingerprinting process involves digitally scanning prints and storing them in a database. Fingerprint images are then transferred to standard paper cards.

It's important to ensure that a specific location produces fingerprint cards before making the appointment, because not all locations do card transfers. Job candidates applying for positions at more than one agency are often required to obtain fingerprint cards for each agency. Employers typically don't share fingerprints with other agencies, and fingerprint companies don't allow candidates to make copies of existing fingerprints. The cost for the fingerprint card varies by state, and fee information is provided during registration. Fingerprint card results are sent directly to the authorized employer.

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