How Do You Say Thank You for Your Business to a Customer?

Some unique ways for a business to say thank you include implementing a rewards program, taking a client to lunch, writing a personal thank you note and holding special events. Whatever route is chosen, the most important point is that the gesture is seen as genuine and heartfelt.

One of the best way to ensure repeat customers, and to keep clients happy, is to show them some appreciation. There are a few unique ways in which a business can make them feel special.

Step 1: Implement a rewards program

This can be something as simple as a discount on the customer's birthday. Or, for example, a coffee shop can offer one free beverage after the purchase of 10 at the regular price.

Step 2: Take a client to lunch

When a company is trying to woo a client's business, it is normal to take the client to lunch or dinner. Once that client has been landed, however, make them continue to feel special and take them to lunch just to say "thanks for your business."

Step 3: Write a personal note

Emails are impersonal and, when it comes to saying thanks, the personal touch is key. Take the time to hand write a personal thank you note on a nice card.

Step 4: Hold special events

Invite clients and customers to special after-hour events. Some examples are wine tastings, cooking classes or book signings.