How Do You Say Goodbye to Coworkers?


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Say goodbye to coworkers with individual messages or in-person goodbyes to make the farewell a personal one, especially for close colleagues. Keep the message brief and upbeat to leave on a positive note, even if the departure isn't your idea.

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Your farewell to workers should stay positive to avoid leaving a negative impression on your colleagues. Even if you hated your job, your coworkers are still at the company and may not want to hear your complaints about the job.

An email is a simple way to send a goodbye message if you don't want to tell a coworker face-to-face. Another option is to send a message via LinkedIn or a similar social networking site. Take the time to think about what you want to say. Avoid getting into the specifics of the departure. Instead, share a favorite memory or accomplishment you achieved with the coworker and extend well wishes going forward.

Just because you are leaving the company doesn't mean you have to lose connections with coworkers. Include contact information in your goodbye message. This might include your phone number if you feel close enough to the colleague to share this information. You might also connect with coworkers via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, which allows you to maintain connections and potential networking opportunities after saying goodbye to your colleagues.

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