How Do You Save Money on K-Cups?

How Do You Save Money on K-Cups?

How Do You Save Money on K-Cups?

There are several ways to save money on K-Cups and these include buying K-Cups in bulk, stocking up during sales, signing up for retailer and brand saving discount promos, switching to cheaper K-Cup brands, buying a reusable filter and using discount coupons. In 2013, there about a fifth of American households used single-serve K-Cups, notes Time magazine.

The following are some ways to save on K-Cups, according to Daily Finance and Krazy Coupon Lady websites.

  • Purchase in bulk
  • Buying K-Cups in bulk can add up on savings per serving. Retailers such as Amazon, Cross Country Cafe and Coffee for Less offer discounts ranging from 50 to 60 cents per pod when purchasing K-Cups in bulk.

  • Stock up during sales events
  • Be on the lookout for advertisements and announcements about K-Cup brands that are on sale. Set a price limit for a preferred K-Cup brand and when it goes on sale below the limit, stock up on the pods.

  • Sign up for discounts
  • Retailers have different programs where they give loyal customers discounts for repeat purchases. Sign up for such programs to avail discounts on K-Cups.

  • Switch to a cheaper brand
  • With more than 500 different varieties of K-Cup brands, there is likely a cheaper brand out there that will do in place of a pricier brand.

  • Look for coupons
  • Hunt for discount coupons from popular coupon websites, such as the Krazy Coupon Lady, newsletters and from the website of the K-Cup brands.

  • Purchase a filter
  • Users of Keurig single-serve machines have the option of just ditching the K-Cup pods altogether and using a reusable K-Cup filter instead.