How Do You Save Money at Costco?

How Do You Save Money at Costco?

Customers save money at Costco by using Costco coupons, sticking to a list, calculating per-unit pricing, splitting bulk packages with friends and buying the Kirkland brand. Costco also offers discounts on extra products and services, such as gas, prescription eye care, vacations, gift cards and vehicle maintenance.

Costco regularly sends out coupon books for certain products. In some cases, the discount applies automatically without presenting an actual coupon. Stocking up on those discounted items saves even more money.

Before stocking up on everything in the store, customers should calculate the per-unit price. While many items are significantly cheaper, others aren't cheaper than buying at a grocery store. Customers also need to make sure they can consume all of a bulk package without it going to waste. If not, an option is to split the package and share the cost with a friend.

The extra services add to the savings on a trip to Costco. Members receive a discount on gas at the Costco gas station. Customers can save at other stores and restaurants by purchasing the discounted gift cards that Costco sells.

Customers who show up with an empty stomach save on foods in the concession stand area as the meals are cheaper than many restaurants. Customers also get free food in the form of the samples Costco offers.