How Are Satterwhite Log Homes Constructed?


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Builders construct Satterwhite Log Homes from a building system called a “constructed shell.” While each shell varies by floor plan, the shell includes standard components, such as roof structure, gable, windows, plumbing and foundation.

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All constructed shells include Satterwhite Logs, manufactured from Englemann Spruce trees found in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and Utah. Many of the homes also feature Red Cedar logs for the exterior trim, gables and porches. While the logs come in many shapes and sizes, the most popular look is a “d-shaped” log that has a traditional log appearance for the home’s exterior, but is flat for interior walls. This shape allows for easy installation of electrical systems, while preserving the look of real wood for the interior. A newer log style is a square, rough cut that yields a hand-hewn look for the log home.

The company offers many standard floor plans from which customers can order constructed shells. These plans range in home size from 588 square feet to over 5,000 square feet. The company recommends particular plans for certain uses. For example, while it is possible to build the the Mountain Inspiration home anywhere, the homes are ideal for steep ground because of their limited footprint. Thus, these plans are well-suited for hillside or sloping lake lots. Interested buyers or contractors can purchase the full Satterwhite Log Homes catalogue package, which includes the color catalogue, an introductory video and a full price list.

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