What Is Sanford Bernstein Known For?


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Sanford Bernstein, a Wall Street brokerage company, is known for its worldwide sell-side research and trading expertise, including its Blackbooks, which offer detailed, balanced institutional forecasting, states Bernstein Research. The company has operated in the United States since 1967, the United Kingdom since 1999, and Hong Kong since 2010.

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AllianceBernstein, a buy-side company, is Sanford Bernstein's parent company, explains Bernstein Research. Sanford C. Bernstein founded the private securities company that bears his name. Alliance Capital, founded in 1971, acquired the Bernstein firm in 2000, according to AllianceBernstein. The transaction combined Alliance's experience in corporate fixed-income investing, retail mutual funds and growth equity with Bernstein's research, private client and value equity expertise. In 2015 the company adopted the new name AB.

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