What Are Some Samples of Recognition Award Text?

Recognition award text may vary depending on the nature of the award, though in many cases it includes a short sentence stating the reason the person is receiving it, such as for dedicated service or outstanding achievements. It may also include the name of the person receiving the award, the date or the names of the party issuing the recognition.

The text that appears on a recognition award typically focuses on highlighting a specific or general action taken by the recipient through a short phrase or sentence, which does not have to follow proper grammatical rules. For example, if a student receives an award for earning the highest grades in the class, its text may feature the phrase "For top grades" or a similar phrasing. In this instance, the text assumes the reader understands that the subject is the award, thus shortening the wording. The text may also include a statement about the student's position in the class or school.

An award to recognize a person for an extended period of work or multiple instances of service may feature language denoting the breadth of the praise, using phrases such as "to commemorate" or "in honor of." These types of awards may feature full sentences that explain the exact nature of the actions for which the person is receiving recognition, such as appearing on a plaque or certificate.