What Are Some Samples of Church Staff Job Descriptions?

What Are Some Samples of Church Staff Job Descriptions?

Although job descriptions vary between churches, the job description for a pastor generally includes preparing sermons to present to the congregation, while the job description for a deacon may include performing duties as an usher or providing other support services for the church and its members. Administrators handle the church's finances and other business aspects of the church.

Pastors are arguably the most important staff members in all churches, as they are in charge of the spiritual needs of their congregations. This involves studying and researching religious materials and analyzing and teaching their congregations based off of these materials. Pastors are also responsible for training other church leaders, officiating weddings, attending funerals and providing spiritual counseling.

Deacons handle the practical responsibilities of running a church, and therefore this job varies greatly between different denominations and churches. A deacon may work as an usher for the church, count tithes and offerings, and assist members of the church. The primary importance of this position is to keep the church running smoothly, allowing the pastor to focus on the spiritual side of the church.

Church administrators are responsible for the business aspects of a church. Church administrators hire and manage staff, which includes training new staff members, handling payroll and maintaining personnel files. Administrators are also responsible for the financial goals of a church and must be familiar with budgeting, responsible spending and planning.

Worship coordinators, also referred to as music coordinators, are responsible for planning worship services. This includes the management of choirs, ensembles, instrumentalists and any special events.