What Are Some Sample Wording Ideas for a Recognition Plaque?

Recognition plaques typically state the name of the award, the recipient's name and the reason for reception. For example, a recognition plaque could say "Service Award Presented to (Name) In Appreciation for 10 Years of Loyal & Dedicated Service." Another idea , "Leadership Award Presented to (Name) For Outstanding Vision, Dedication & Commitment to Excellence."

The language used on recognition plaques is almost universally positive, typically including terms such as "excellent," "outstanding," "dedicated" and "generous." The majority include the term "presented to" or something very similar. However, this is not always the case. For example, a plaque could read "Award of Excellence Honoring the few who gave their time and love to those in need (Name) (Date)."

Some recognition plaques are relatively generic and denote participation. For example, a recognition plaque might read "Presented to (Name) (Company Name) In Recognition of Valued Participation at (Company Name) (Event)." Other plaques may be more specific, such as a plaque that reads "Sales Achievement Award $350,000 2nd Quarter Sales (Name) (Company Name)."

Company recognition plaques tend to include the company's name on them. Employees often receive these awards based on set conditions such as sales levels. As such, the name of the award may reflect a recognizable status or accomplishment, such as "employee of the month."