What Does a Sample Teaching Portfolio Look Like?


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A teaching portfolio typically contains examples of the teacher's lesson plans, a description of her academic and professional qualifications and a summary of her teaching philosophy. It may also include documentation on her methodology for measuring growth in the classroom and samples of past evaluations or awards.

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A teaching portfolio is a physical or digital collection of materials that demonstrate the methods, experience and skills of an educator through the use of actual materials and other documentation. One objective of the portfolio is to provide an understanding of the educator's philosophy on the practice of teaching, beginning with a statement explaining her approach. It should also include citations and references to other concepts or documents that outline teaching methods and learning concepts while relating them to her past experience.

The portfolio should demonstrate her qualifications for teaching a specific subject or set of subjects, often starting with proof of prior education in that area. It should include sample lesson plans and curricula for teaching in that subject, which may be actual copies form previous classes or sample plans in a fictional setting. Another aspect of the portfolio is proof of her efficacy as a teacher, which can come in the form of evaluations from past principals or letters of appreciation from parents and students. It should also feature an outline of how she measures student success and as well as her own teaching abilities.

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