What Is a Sample Resignation Letter for Resignation Due to Relocation?

A sample resignation letter for relocation is a letter an employee addresses to employers informing the company of plans to resign due to relocation to another area. Though the employee is leaving the company, this letter often has an impact on the employee's future career, according to Sample Resignation Letters. Leaving a company on good terms is important, and the last impression counts with regards to possible future professional references.

The resignation letter should be typed and written in business format. This includes the date, name, title and company name on separate lines on the top left-hand side of the page. The salutation should be formal and addressed to an immediate supervisor.

The body of the letter should give the date the resignation becomes effective and cite relocation as the reason for leaving the company. The employee can choose to reveal where he intends to relocate, but should keep the explanation brief. It is also important to express appreciation for the career development and growth experienced at the company and from supervisors specifically. The letter should end by thanking the supervisor and the company for the opportunity of employment. Many good templates are available online to give guidance in writing resignation letters.