What Are Some Sample Questions for a Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire?


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The questions that appear on a customer satisfaction questionnaire typically appear in a multiple choice format and focus on determine whether not the customer is happy with a product or service from the company, as well as the degree of satisfaction. The questions may also focus on the customer's experience and satisfaction level in specific areas, such as the usability of a product or the helpfulness of a support agent.

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Most customer satisfaction questionnaires rely primarily on multiple choice questions, as they allow the company to quickly collect the data and uniformly analyze it in order to obtain clear results and develop actionable steps.

Many satisfaction surveys begin by asking the customer to provide an overall reaction to a specific event or item, usually something the company knows the customer has recent experience with. The survey may also feature questions to classify the nature of the survey, such as asking about the date of a recent visit to a retail store or product purchase.

The questionnaires often contain additional questions that focus on a specific aspect. In some cases, the survey can also include a free response section wherein the customer may provide suggestions for improvements or explain the reasons behind a rating.

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