What Are Some Sample Questions and Answers for a STAR Interview?


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An example of a STAR question is when a candidate is asked to describe a time when he faced and overcame a stressful experience. The STAR technique is used to answer behavioral questions about the candidate's experiences, knowledge and abilities.

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STAR stands for situation, task, action and result. Job candidates use this technique to answer behavioral questions such as describing a time they set a goal and were able to achieve it.

To answer that question, candidates start by outlining the situation, in this case their role as a project manager, for example. Next, they describe the tasks involved in completing the job, such as completing a specific project. Then, they describe the actions they took to actually complete the job. They finish with the result of their actions, in this case meeting the goal.

Another example of a behavioral question is when candidates are asked if they have ever had to define themselves in the midst of criticism. Candidates outline a situation in which they ultimately received criticism, perhaps from a boss or co-worker about delegating work. For the task, they discuss the conversation with others in which a perceived deficiency is brought to their attention. For the action, the describe the actions they took to correct the deficiency. Finally, they end with positive results from their changed approach to the situation.

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