What Are Some Sample Questions for a 360 Assessment?


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A 360-degree manager evaluation poses a series of questions to the supervisors, subordinates and coworkers of the specified manager, as defined by About.com. The questionnaire uses open-ended questions and rating scales that allow responders to provide nuanced perspectives. Some examples include asking how strongly the respondent feels an employee effectively solves problems or if any interpersonal issues with the employee have ever arisen.

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The questionnaire relies on appropriate and informative feedback, as the responses from the manager's colleagues highlight areas of strength as well as areas of weakness. As a result, questions cover a wide range of topics. A leadership question could ask if the respondent believes the employee portrays adequate leadership skills within his role for the organization. An efficiency question could request that respondents offer some areas of improvement for the employee. Finally, a management question could inquire about how the employee's management style impacts the respondents daily work.

A 360 assessment helps evaluate managers more accurately than the traditional performance appraisal, because only the direct supervisor performs the appraisal. When an evaluation process limits the number of people involved, the process creates blind spots, allowing ineffective managers to persist without offering help for improvement. This result constantly harms business operations, and time lost in identifying these people only compounds its effects.

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