What Is a Sample Marketing Plan?


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A marketing sample plan is a strategy a company develops to acquire information necessary to create an effective marketing campaign. Factors, including what kind of information is desired and the varying means of obtaining it, are all considered when creating a sample marketing plan.

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An effective marketing sample plan's first objective is to identify what kind of information must be gathered. Both quantitative data, or data that can be measured numerically, and qualitative data, or data that is subjective, are necessary. Next, the marketing sample plan must determine how this information is collected. Qualitative data is often gathered through surveys or questionnaires, while qualitative information is commonly collected through interviews and focus groups. Differences between primary data, or data collected directly by a company, and secondary data, or data that is publicly available, must also be taken into account.

A preliminary understanding of the market being entered is also important when creating a marketing sample plan. Such an understanding allows strategies to be quickly narrowed, saving time and money. Finally, a marketing sample plan should take into account growth projections and the company's budget. Many data collection methods are expensive, so a company must determine if the information that such methods gather are worth the investment.

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