What Are Some Sample Letters of Recognition for a Job Well Done?

Sample letters for recognition of a job well done include letters that mention the project or event the person performed the job at, describes the extent to which the person assisted with the job and end the letter by advising that individual of the writer's intent or wishes to work with that individual again in the future. It is advisable to send the letter as soon after the job or event the recipient is being recognized for as possible.

When sending a letter for a job well done, it's recommended that the letter be typed or handwritten for a personal touch. If the letter writer knows the person well and sees or interacts with him frequently, email is acceptable. It's also acceptable to send a quick email as a prelude to a typed or handwritten note.

A letter to recognize an employee does not have to be elaborate but is generally effective when it describes the behavior that the employer likes to encourage; where the employee is thanked and told his contribution is appreciated; is written and given to the employee shortly after the event for which he's receiving praise; and when the wording used is customized and does not sound like a form letter.