What Is a Sample Letter of Late Rent Payment?

A letter of late rent payment notifies a tenant that payment is past due. There are certain items that should be included in a letter for notice of late rent payment. Making sure that you have a notice of late rent payment will make sure that you have a paper trail if it comes down to anything legal.

A notice of late rent letter does not have to be very detailed. The best way to convey the information needed is to be factual and to the point. According to LandlordStation.com, the things that need to be included in the letter are the date, the renter’s name, the amount of rent due, when it was due, any fee that might be applicable due to rent being late, and whatever consequence might come about in result to the rent being late.

Some other things that might be included would be any past incidents of late payment, including the amount of days late and any fees paid. A good sign off would be that if rent has already been sent to disregard the letter or to contact the landlord if the tenant is unable to pay the rent due.

If the renter is consistently late on rent, you would want to make sure the renter knows what the consequences are and when those would become applicable.