What Is a Sample Letter of Appreciation to Use for Recognition Awards?

Terryberry provides some sample letters of appreciation to use for recognition awards. These sample letters follow a format that includes the important elements necessary for such a letter.

Terryberry provides many types of appreciation letters, such as "Congratulations on Your Years of Service," "Performance Excellence," "Points Award," "Sales Excellence" and "Peer-to-Peer Recognition." In addition to the complete sample letters, Terryberry gives a list of short phrases that express appreciation and recognition. They offer a downloadable guide on "35 Ideas for Employee Recognition."

About.com is another good source for sample letters of appreciation to use for recognition awards. About.com goes into detail about the purpose of an award letter of recognition. The letter should not only recognize the employee, but encourage others to strive for excellence as well.

About.com lists key elements of a recognition letter. The letter should summarize how the employee's unique contribution has benefited the company as a whole and explain why this employee is being recognized. It should express thanks and give details about the specific award being presented, as well as mention any ceremony or special function for the purpose of honoring the recipient. The letter should be clear and straightforward. To emphasize the importance of the award, a top-level supervisor should personally sign the letter.