What Is in a Sample Lease Agreement?

Rocket Lawyer explains that a sample lease agreement can include many of the same stipulations found on a regular lease, including guest and pet policies, rent amount, penalties for late rent payments, whether or not the lease automatically renews, and conditions for early lease termination. Lease agreements can be used by property owners leasing units and homeowners who are renting out rooms.

Sample lease agreements can also include a sketch or description of the property and legal descriptions, as explained by Rocket Lawyer. If the landlord takes care of the maintenance, then the lease agreement might list the name, email address and phone number of whom the tenant should contact in the event that a maintenance request is necessary.

A lease might include the number of tenants allowed to live in the rental unit, which is usually one or two inhabitants per bedroom. The agreement could also include how long guests are allowed to stay on the property, according to Rocket Lawyer.

If the unit is furnished, the sample lease agreement most likely includes which furnishings the unit comes with to avoid any confusion as to what belongs to whom once the tenant moves out. Rocket Lawyer also states that the sample lease could explain whether or not the tenant automatically switches to a month-to-month lease once the original lease expires.