What Does a Sample Invoice Look Like?


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An invoice is a bill from one business to another that has both businesses' contact information and a date of billing or payment. The invoice contains a breakdown of any items or services purchased and the total amount due for them.

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Shipping invoices have general accounting information concerning items purchased and sent to another company. These invoices contain itemized lists of goods and the specific cost of each item, as well as tax amounts and discounts applied. Commercial invoices are for international shipping and are written in greater detail than a shipping invoice.

In addition to basic shipping and receiving information and descriptions of goods, there are specific dates and terms of sale, quantities of goods, weight or volume of the shipment, types of packaging and insurance costs. Often, the per-unit value and total value is in a separate column or row from the total cost and the shipping cost.

Invoices are typically created in a spreadsheet software program, many of which have templates for different kinds of invoices. These templates include invoices for basic product sales and types of services, and they are downloaded to the spreadsheet software from the Internet. Whichever invoice is required, there are open fields to fill out with custom information, payment terms and any identification information.

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