What Are Some Sample Interview Questions for Supervisor Jobs?

A sample interview question for a supervisor job is "How do you motivate your team?" Another is "Can you describe a time when you resolved a conflict among your team members?"

An interviewer looking to fill a supervisor position is likely to ask candidates about their supervisory style. This question has no wrong answer, but gives the candidate an opportunity to demonstrate a willingness to adjust her personal management style so as to work more successfully with a particular group of employees or to solve a problem. Supervisor candidates are often asked to talk about a time when they had to deal with a difficult person or correct an employee who made a mistake. An interviewee's answer can help the interviewer assess the candidate's ability to communicate well and to turn mistakes into learning opportunities.

Questions about how a person evaluates employee performance are also common during these kinds of interviews. Asking someone what factors are most important to her when evaluating an employee can provide insight into the standards she sets for her team and for herself. It can also help the interviewer to see how much responsibility a supervisor is willing to take for the behavior and performance of her subordinates.