Where Do You Find a Sample of a Good Retirement Letter?

sample-good-retirement-letter Credit: Thomas Tolstrup/Taxi/Getty Images

Some sites that offer free sample retirement letters include Live Career and About.com. A retirement letter is typically used to inform a company of an employee’s intent to retire, though it may also be used to congratulate a retiring employee or inform others of impending retirement.

Live Career offers a wide selection of sample retirement letters for a variety of circumstances. The site offers examples of retirement letters addressed to various professional acquaintances, including bosses, coworkers and clients. Also featured are examples of letters congratulating an individual on their retirement and letters of appreciation. The site also offers examples of letters of retirement for specific fields, including medicine and education. Both the Human Resources and Job Search sections of About.com also offer examples of retirement letters.

The letter should open with the writer’s name and address, phone number and email, and it should include the date along with the supervisor’s contact information and position. The letter itself should begin by stating the employee’s intention to retire along with the specific date on which he or she plans to stop working. Although a retirement letter is fairly formal, it should include a sincere appreciation of the company and the opportunities it offered the employee. The retiree should end the letter by stating that the supervisor can contact them with questions or for any help in making the transition.