What Are Sample Foreclosure Answer Letters?


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A foreclosure answer letter is sent by the property owner to the court that is hearing the foreclosure case in response to a petition of foreclosure, as All Law reports. The answer should respond to each point claimed in the lender's petition.

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The property owner should number each paragraph of the answer that corresponds with each numbered argument made by the lender, as All Law claims. Each argument must be admitted, denied, or must explain why the argument cannot be admitted or denied. Lenders are then required to respond to the answer in court with proof and defend against or accept each argument the property owner denied. If the lender is proven wrong in court and relinquishes a particular point to the property owner, the court accepts the point and assumes it to be proven true.

Property owners should also include their own arguments against the foreclosure filing in the answer letter, as All Law suggests. The letter must be signed by the property owner, and a copy should be sent to the lender's attorney using the address listed on the foreclosure petition. If the property owner decides against opposing the foreclosure proceedings, an answer letter is unnecessary and a foreclosure judgement is issued automatically by the property owner's lack of defense against it.

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