What Is a Sample Eviction Notice?


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A sample eviction notice is a customizable template for a landlord to follow in composing an eviction notice. Using a sample notice helps ensure that the landlord follows all applicable laws in evicting the tenant. Free sample eviction notices are available online. These samples are generic and should be compared to local housing laws before the eviction notice is served.

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Tenant laws vary widely in different states and municipalities. Law sites such as Nolo recommend that tenants facing landlords in court use improperly prepared paperwork as a defense against eviction. Improper paperwork or a sample notice that does not take local laws into account can help a tenant win his case against the eviction and remain on the premises. Tenant unions also exist in large urban areas. These organizations help tenants fight eviction by using a landlord's paperwork and legal mistakes as a defense.

Some sites offer customizable sample notices tailored to the landlord's state. These resources make complying with state and local laws easier, but they should still be checked for accuracy against the state's current legal code. This ensures that the site is not out of date, as state and local laws are subject to change. Sites that offer sample notices disclaim that they do not offer legal advice, so it is the landlord's responsibility to ensure that these documents are current.

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