What Is a Sample Customer Service Job Description?


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A customer service job description typically includes a list of skills necessary for the job, such as the ability to communicate effectively as well as learn accurate document exchanges, as well as requirements to use tools such as a support ticketing system or phone interface. The job description may also list responsibilities such as resolving customer conflicts, maintaining minimum performance metrics and managing sensitive account information.

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Most customer service job descriptions include a list of responsibilities that focus on communicating with customers to understand the nature of complaints or requests in order to provide the best solution. This can include policies such as maintaining a friendly demeanor towards each customer as well as procedures for researching claims and account history. The job descriptions may mention the need to work during specific non-standard hours, such as nights and weekends.

The specific details of the job description may vary among companies depending on the nature of the business, as some may operate in specific industries that require knowledge of certain concepts for addressing technical matters. For example, a description for a representative at a computer manufacturer may need to walk customers through different diagnostic steps to identify the cause of problems, whereas a retailer may need to access a customer's financial purchases to issue refunds and price adjustments. The job description also typically specifies whether or not the job focuses exclusively on email correspondences or if it requires speaking with customers over the phone.

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