What Is a Sample of a Curriculum Vitae?


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A curriculum vitae sample summarizes an individual's career and educational history along with more detailed information involving personal background and achievements. The document is typically longer than a resume and may exceed a page in length, as it is continually updated with each academic or professional accomplishment.

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What Is a Sample of a Curriculum Vitae?
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The CV differs from the resume in that it presents a comprehensive summary of lifetime experience rather than a general professional overview. In the United States, it is most commonly used by students and academic career candidates to foreground their scholarly accomplishments, and can vary in format depending on the applicant's discipline. While all CVs contain basic name and contact information, other personal details like country of citizenship and marriage status may be included when applying for an international position.

Most CV and resume samples are structured using incomplete sentences to deliver information in a chronological order, though a CV does not usually feature the resume's familiar bullet format. The CV may expand upon qualifications through describing qualities and certifications that have contributed towards other major achievements mentioned within the document. Extracurricular activities and languages spoken, for example, can be important to include when applying to jobs with specific requirements or for positions that demand unique skill sets. In these circumstances, a more detailed application places the candidate at a greater advantage.

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