What Are Some Sample Bylaws for a Condo Association?


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Condominium association bylaws typically cover areas, such as who may be an officer of the association, how long those officers serve, how the officers are elected, when and where meetings take place, how meetings should proceed and how association members can vote on issues, as stated by CondoAssociation.com. These bylaws can go into minute detail about what the association and its directors may and may not do, from charging a membership fee (or not) for each member of the association to accepting gifts or grants on behalf of the condo association.

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Typically, bylaws are written in a formal document that includes section headers delineating what rules are being laid out in each section. These may be written in formal language, referring to the condo association as "the association" rather than "we." Bylaws must typically be adopted in a formal manner as well, including a vote and signatures on the document.

Bylaws should be clear and easy to understand. Matters like how many people serve on the condo's board of directors and how long a director's term lasts, are common elements of discussion for condo association bylaws.

Condo associations, like other homeowner's associations, are typically set up as nonprofit corporations, notes Nolo. The bylaws help the association's members and directors run the association in an orderly fashion.

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