What Is a Sample of an Annual Leave Letter?

sample-annual-leave-letter Credit: Bounce/Cultura/Getty Images

An annual leave letter should look something like this: Dear (name of supervisor), The purpose of this letter is to inform you that I intend to take my annual leave from July 10th through 27th. I currently have 22 days of annual leave available. This requested time off would require me to be away from the office for 10 days. Please let me know if you have any concerns. Sincerely,

The best annual leave request letters are clear, concise and simple for a supervisor to understand. An annual leave letter does not need to be particularly long, nor does it need to be written creatively. The purpose of an annual leave letter is to make a supervisor aware of requested time off. It also should point out to that supervisor that any concerns she might have from allowing an employee to take time off are already being considered.

For example, in addition to assuring the supervisor that an employee has enough available days to take a leave, an employee also should help the supervisor know that his work is being covered or that his work is caught up and he will not be needed during those days while he is gone.

Some annual leave letters may also include a formal inclusion of the recipient sender addresses at the top of the letter and the reason for the requested time off.