How Do You Find Salon Spaces for Rent Near You?

Look for available properties for lease to use as a beauty salon in common salon locations, which include shopping centers, storefronts and freestanding buildings, as described by Entrepreneur magazine. A commercial real estate agent who deals with tenant representation may also be helpful in helping to find the right kind of rental property for operating a commercial salon business. Salon owners may want to look for a property that has previously served as salon space to help ensure that the space can accommodate specific salon infrastructure needs properly.

Salon owners should also consider their target customer demographic when shopping for a rental space. Focus on areas that include a large population of the salon's target demographic. For example, those who tend to serve clients of a certain ethnicity should focus their efforts on neighborhoods with a larger population of that ethnicity, states Behind the Chair. Beauty salons and spas that offer expensive treatments and cater to a well-off clientele shouldn't rent space in a low-income neighborhood.

Research salons in a desired area. If the salons in a particular neighborhood are not well-trafficked, there may not be a good market for a new salon's services, and salon owners may want to look elsewhere.