What Does It Take for Salon Owners to Succeed?


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For salon owners to succeed, they need to manage their time, set the right price, make extra money and retain clients. Hours of operation should be targeted at maximizing the number of clients on a given business day.

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Managing time effectively means focusing on income-generating activities. Salon owners can benefit from hiring skilled staff to handle tasks such as overseeing staff, managing the books and working the desk. This leaves the salon owner more time to focus on tasks that make more money and help grow the business.

Salon owners should price their services appropriately. The price should be set so that it maximizes profits but does not limit the number of clients. Factors that affect pricing include profit, overhead costs, supplies and labor.

A good way to make extra money is to sell retail products in addition to offering services. Ordering the right products, controlling inventory, rotating and arranging them so they are attractive are all good ways to maximize on sales. Staff should also be trained on how to sell the products.

Salon owners should come up with strategies aimed at retaining customers. This includes marketing to existing clients, developing personal relationships with clients, and offering coupons and discounts to regulars. Sending appreciation cards is also a good way to retain clients.

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