What Are Sally's Employee Rewards?

Sally’s employee rewards is the company’s incentives rewards program that is exclusively for its employees. It allows employees to accumulate points and turn them into reward items, such as jewelry and kitchen appliances. Employees are given access to a website that allows them to check available points and redeem them to place orders. The website also provides a confirmation number after redeeming points and provides a tracking number for the order.

As of 2016, points are added to employee accounts no later than the 10th of the following month. The points are given to a specific employee only and are non-transferable between employees. Products and points are subject to change without notice, and all items are shipped to local stores. All employees must remain with the company until the time of the item distribution. If an employee is terminated prior to receiving the item, the item is then forfeited and must be returned.

Sally’s employee rewards are not available for anyone with a promotional level higher than a store manager, but those employees still have the ability to redeem any previously earned points. The rewards program does not allow any returns or exchanges unless the item is defective. The company also claims it has the right to change or discontinue its employee rewards program at any time.