What Does a Salesperson Do?

A salesperson sells products or services directly to customers. There are different types of sales positions, such as retail, door-to-door and phone sales. Salespeople typically have excellent communication and people skills, and they have expert knowledge about the product or service that they sell.

A salesperson uses a good sales pitch to persuade customers to purchase the goods that he presents. Most salespeople work in retail positions within clothing stores, general merchandise stores, electronic retailers, furniture stores and automobile dealerships. They help customers find the right products to suit individual needs. Salespeople answer questions about the products or services they sell, and they explain the benefits of the merchandise.

Salespeople identify prospective buyers and often create a list of potential customers. A phone salesperson calls customers and encourages them to buy an item over the phone. Face-to-face visits are also arranged whenever necessary. A door-to-door salesperson typically visits houses to meet with potential clients.

The major goal of salespeople is to make numerous sales. They often have to meet a monthly or quarterly quota. According to About.com, to succeed in this profession, it is important to have good customer service skills. Salespeople must have the ability to respond to the wants and needs of clients and to connect with people easily. Patience and persistence are essential in order to persuade a customer who is not immediately interested in the product.