What Is Salesmanship?

salesmanship Credit: Andrew Olney/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Salesmanship refers to the practice of investigating and satisfying the needs of customers using a fair, sincere, mutually beneficial and efficient process, according to the Business Dictionary. Its goal is a long-term, productive relationship with customers.

Salesmanship is the oldest and most common type of promotion, explains the Business Knowledge Resource Online. It aims to persuade potential buyers to purchase a product or service, and it involves oral and face-to-face communication with customers. Salesmanship is a valuable way of understanding the needs and behaviors of potential customers. Moreover, it provides customers with useful information about a particular product or service. Through salesmanship, manufacturers are able to create products that meet the demands of the target market.

According to Business Knowledge Resource Online, the skills of a salesman, the framework in which he works, his knowledge and his experience are all contributing factors to the success of salesmanship. An effective salesman fully knows what product he sells. He must be able to convince a prospective buyer and answer all questions about the product. He continuously assesses his personality and qualities, and he strives to overcome his weaknesses and improve his strengths. He must have a thorough knowledge of the company’s history, policies, organizational structure and standing. Furthermore, a good salesman is knowledgeable about his customers and his competitors.